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Wherever your audience are, bring them together with SPACEIN

A live visualisation platform for hosting digital and hybrid events. SPACEIN dynamically maps your attendees and sessions all in one place, even when they’re spread across many.

More connections. Better engagement. With your sessions, your attendees and each other.

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Used by world class teams everywhere

Find. Watch. Chat. Interrupt. Invite. Share. Allow your audience to connect in more ways than ever.

Successful events are about more than passively sharing content. SPACEIN encourages instant and effortless face-to-face discussions – whether spontaneous or scheduled.

Live Stream or On demand. Let your messages live on.

SPACEIN ensures maximum opportunities for engagement, at any time, from any time zone.

Flexibility built-in, making sure your attendees will never miss a moment.

Spark conversations and watch them grow. An event platform that builds community around your brand.

More than just a one-off event space, SPACEIN provides a place for ongoing engagement. Spin-off events, content on demand, or simply a place to keep conversations alive.

Scalable and secure, with video connectivity built-in.

Currently for events of up to 250 users, SPACEIN provides high quality video conferencing with
end-to-end encryption support, transmitted using Web RTC.  Plus all the functionality you’d expect:  screen sharing, in-room privacy controls, attendee management and more.

“The closest I’ve felt to being in a room with others at a live event since the pandemic began”

SeaLegacy, Ocean Photography Awards

“SPACEIN is the future of meetings! It connects all of my audience in one place helping me effectively manage meeting and builds my audience engagement and participation”


“No better platform out there for getting visibility on your fellow event attendees and the buzz of the crowd. SPACEIN makes it so much easier to find and meet people at digital events. It’s what we’ve all been missing”

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Don’t just host an event, create a Community.

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