Feel closer, connect
quicker and get more done, no matter where you are.

A live visualisation tool for distributed teams. See who’s chatting, talk & collaborate - all at the click of a button.

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SPACEIN™​ dynamically and digitally maps your team and your meetings, all in one place, even when you’re spread across many.

Your digital office, all wrapped up in a simple, intuitive, responsive design.

Find available colleagues easily, see who’s talking to who and feel the buzz of activity in your busy team.

Increase productivity as well as team connection.

Collaborate instantly,
at the click of a button.

Whether spontaneous or scheduled, SPACEIN connects you quickly, face to face - just like you’re sat in the same office.

Shout outs & information sharing made easy. Grab your team’s attention in a second, even when you’re remote.

Celebrate team achievements with push notifications, and share important updates and documents company-wide via your team’s SPACEIN Media Library.

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